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Mission Astro courses are not just your average astronomy courses; they are packed with complimentary science disciplines that work together to forge us forward in space exploration and understanding. From black holes, to life on other planets, from star collisions to rocket launches, we explore what it takes to conquer space.

Astronomy Courses Available Now

star stretching gravity

Star-Stretching Gravity

Free micro-course in black holes and what they do to their environments
the escape from the blue marble

The Escape From the Blue Marble

A 10-stage course from Earth to the Asteroid Belt exploring the inner solar system

Astronomy Courses Coming Soon

the voyage to vela

The Voyage
To Vela

A 10-stage course from Jupiter to the Vela nebula exploring stars and their workings
the view from the tarantula

The View From
The Tarantula

A 10-stage course from the Vela nebula to the edge of our Galaxy
c certificate in space science

Certificate in
Space Science

A 30-stage course from Earth to the edge of our Galaxy; the ultimate quest for those intrigued by the universe

Astronomy Courses Overview

star stretching gravity


Jump into our world with this completely free online astronomy micro course. It is a standalone session about the highly energetic environments around supermassive black holes and the fate of stars that happen to take their last plunge into them. Start your interstellar mission with us today and see what it's like to be part of the Mission Astro Crew


Course 1 is based in our inner Solar System. We begin by investigating craters and close space encounters, comb the night sky for the most awe-inspiring treasures, discover the best rockets built so far and blast off on our interstellar mission, and explore operational satellites and vast graveyards of them once they are spent. Next, we visit some impressive space telescopes, orbit around our Moon and uncover its potential, slingshot around our Sun and mine its surface for clues, study the increasingly interesting Martian landscape, contemplate the origins of life itself and visit some of the most ancient rocks in the Solar System.
the escape from the blue marble
space galaxy background generative ai


In Course 2, we continue our mission by hopping through the outer Solar System by swooping around some of the most fascinating moons around the gas giants, we take a moment on Pluto to contemplate the formation of the Solar System and the scale of the wonderous Galaxy we live in. We explore our closest neighbour stars and study stellar pairs, the dances they do around each other, and what happens if they get too close. Next, we try to find an alternative planet to live on, explore colour in space, find elements, watch stars being formed and destroyed and get dizzy investigating the centre of the Vela supernova remnant.
Launching late 2024


In Course 3, we travel further still and visit a plethora of distant star clusters where we see some of the most exotic stellar objects that have ever been found. We explore many of the unseen objects in the Galaxy, like the ever elusive black hole population and discuss ripples in space itself. We travel to our furthest mission point from the Earth in the Large Magellanic Cloud where the most gargantuan stars have been spotted, look in towards the Goliath black hole at the centre of our Galaxy and consider the delicate mixture of matter (both dark and light) needed to hold the whole thing together. Once home, we learn some tips and tricks to communicate our findings to our fellow Earthlings.
Launching late 2024
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